"The maintenance of the fertility of the soil is the first condition of any permanent system of agriculture."

- Sir Albert Howard


welcome to our online store!

We partner with Food4All to sell our USDA certified organic produce online. Food4All's mission is to connect farmers and artisan food producers with their local community. They support long-term commitments to fresh, sustainable, locally produced food. 


Food4All created a Community-Supported Software (CSS) model that offers an easy, cost-effective, and time-efficient way for farmers to sell direct to local consumers and businesses. At checkout, shoppers pay a small CSS fee (2.5% + $0.95) so that farmers can use the technology at no cost. We are grateful to our customers for allowing us to use this program.

shelter-in-place : undertoe farm protocol 

As you know, Governor Whitmer has issued a statewide "stay-at-home" order starting at midnight tonight because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read this article which discusses what essential businesses will be open over the next 3 weeks.

Although "take-out" can still be offered by food sources, the Governor recommends delivery. Therefore, Undertoe will ONLY be offering a Free Home Delivery option for the foreseeable future (a month?). This will be "contactless", meaning you pay via credit card online and we drop your box of goodies on your porch. We, of course, can still smile, wave, and do a friendship jig through the window...

Also, we want to reiterate that Adam and I take this very seriously, as I am sure you do. Therefore, we are taking every precaution necessary and in-line with food safety best practices as we wash and pack your produce.
Lastly, please spread the word about 1/2 priced boxes (no questions asked) for those you think may benefit. This will last as long as spring inventory does.

FREE Home Delivery:

Mondays & Fridays

4:00 - 6:00pm

Online Order Deadline:

For Monday delivery, deadline is Sunday by 10pm

For Friday delivery, deadline is Wednesday by 10pm

Payment Type Accepted:

Credit Card

Cash (please email first if you need to pay with cash)

We appreciate your support and look forward to receiving your online order with Undertoe Farm. To get started, just hit the button below. As usual, any questions or concerns, just shoot us an email or call Haley @ 231-342-7451.