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What is an Investor Share?
In essence, this is a modified CSA share. It is most attractive to the person or family who:

  • wants to support Undertoe Farm up front like a traditional CSA membership but prefers to shop at the farmers market and pick out their own goodies

  • is new to the CSA model and wants to give it a try....but with a little more control

The way it works:

  • You invest $300 or more up front, preferably by mid-February as this helps us make important seed, equipment and soil amendment purchases early in the season

  • Your investment supports the farm early on and yields a 10% one-time "interest". So if you invest $300, your account is credited an additional $30, for a total of $330 to spend with us!

  • It's simple, you shop with us: at the Elk Rapids Farmers Market (Fridays, 8am-noon) OR through our online marketplace for pickup at Holiday Hills (Thursdays, 530-630pm) or Undertoe Farm (Fridays, 5-6pm) and your purchases are debited from your account each time. If you run through your initial $300 (or more) investment, we can add more to your account. No problem!

The Investor Share interests me, now what?

If this sounds like it's for you, please click the Sign Up Button.

If you have further questions, please email us or call (231)-342-7451 for more info.

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