COVID-19 Pandemic : UPDATE

*Please note: if you are considering joining our Summer Farm Share Program but are unsure about pickup and would like to explore other options, please inquire about home delivery. We are heavily considering this because of COVID-19 and would like your feedback:

In light of recent developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to offer you regular updates on the status and protocols of the farm.

We are happy to report that Undertoe Farm is open for business and prepping normally for the 2020 season. It’s important to note that we have been designated an “Essential Service” by the state of Michigan, and we will continue to serve our community throughout this crisis. With our newly established FREE home delivery option and single-source produce, we are equipped to provide certified organic produce safely to Northern Michigan residents as they shelter in place. Shop online here.


While our Summer Farm Share Program and Farmers Market sales are still nearly 2 months away, and we hope this crisis will have largely passed by then, we are adapting to changing conditions to support our customers in every way possible. We will continue to listen the health experts and adjust our business model as necessary to serve you.

Since our founding nearly a decade ago, Undertoe Farm has had strict food safety policies in place. These include weekly sanitization schedules, regular water quality testing, regular hand washing, etc. Our supply of fruits and veggies is limited only by the seasons, so no matter what’s happening in the world or our economy, our prices are stable and our food is abundant. That means you, our CSA members and retail customers, can reduce your travels and let us come to you.

As farmers, we are familiar with sudden and dangerous environmental changes such as storms, drought, and blight. So as the COVID-19 pandemic affects our community, we are ready to supply our customers without disruption and adapt to changing conditions as they arise. Please reach out to us anytime if you need assistance. We promise to keep you informed too.


Please know, we welcome the opportunity to serve our community!


Haley & Adam 


"The maintenance of the fertility of the soil is the first condition of any permanent system of agriculture."

- Sir Albert Howard